Audio Dhamma Talks

You can browse and download our collection of 4500+ Audio Dhamma Talks in three ways:

By monastic's name and face.  Also included on this page are links to short biographies of each monastic, as well as a link to their monastery of residence. By learning more about a given monastic who's speaking, this can give each Dhamma Talk more context.

By "collection." We receive our Dhamma Talks from other monasteries on Data CDs (which we call "collections"), each holding as much as 700 MB. There are over 100 of these collections available for download. We store and track them by the collection, and allow you to download by the collection as well.  We have lots of bandwidth to spare, so feel free to download all the collections. Once downloaded, you can locally search the whole collection on your computer very quickly in your favorite "jukebox" program (such as iTunes).

From a huge, "flat" list. We keep a complete list of all the MP3's in all our collections, which we call "Birken's Theravada Buddhist Dhamma Talk Master List."  Be warned: this page is so huge that your web browser may be brought to a crawl.  Once the page has loaded, you'll be able use your web browser's "Find" tool (press Ctrl+F) to effectively search for keywords, topics and monastic's names in all the titles, collection names, etc. in our entire collection, all at once.