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Audio Dhamma Talks by
Ajahn Sona

Our former audio library has been retired. This page now features only the Dhamma talks of Birken Forest Monastery's Abbot, Ajahn Sona. For those of you looking for Dhamma talks by other teachers, please see the links provided below.

All of Ajahn Sona's Dhamma talks can now be found on Google Drive.





Audio Series from Ajahn Sona's YouTube Channel (click here for video versions):

- Breath Meditation
- Five Hindrances
- Ingenious Feelings / Divine Abidings
- Right Effort
- The Ten Perfections
- My Life, My Practice
- Modern Psychology vs. Buddhist Psychology

Pacific Hermitage Retreat Talks:

- 2016: Breath Meditation
- 2017: Metta
- 2018: Equanimity - The Philosopher's Virtue


Below are links to some of our associated monasteries for audio Dhamma Talks by other teachers in the Thai Forest Tradition:

- Arrow River Forest Hermitage
- Aruna Ratanagiri Buddhist Monastery
- Abhayagiri Monastery
- Amaravati Monastery
- Chithurst Buddhist Monastery
- Temple Forest Monastery
- Tisarana Buddhist Monastery