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Dhamma Talks from this year's Pacific Hermitage Retreat at Birken


Every year the monastics and lay supporters of Pacific Hermitage based in White Salmon, WA, visit Birken Forest Monastery for a silent retreat. Earlier this month they joined us for 14 days (May 3-17), each evening listening to Dhamma talks by Ajahn Sona with a focus this year on metta, loving kindness.

Below is a link to those Dhamma talks as well as one to talks from the 2016 retreat.





Dhamma Talks from 2016 Pacific Hermitage Retreat at Birken - by Ajahn Sona


Birken Forest Monastery Reopens April 14

Registrations are now open for Day Visits, Dana Meal Offerings, and Personal Retreats starting April 14, as well as most of our scheduled retreats for 2017.

Please see our Book a Visit page for details and to register. Our Guest Guidelines have been revised so please be sure to read them prior to requesting a visit.

We look forward to welcoming you to Birken. May you be well, happy and peaceful.

Closed for Silent Winter Retreat


Birken is now closed for our Silent Winter Retreat, the annual period from January-March when monastery duties wind down and a more tranquil atmosphere is fostered. It's a time when the monastics, residents, and a few guests turn our attention towards personal practice amidst a landscape of snow and all encompassing silence.

2016 AGM Minutes, Resolutions and Financials

Birken's 2016 Annual General Meeting was held on September 25, 2016 at the monastery.  The Minutes of the meeting, Resolutions, along with Financial Statements for our 2015-16 fiscal year, are attached below. Any questions may be addressed to:

Anumodana for your continued support throughout another great year!
-Birken Forest Monastery ('Sitavana')


Birken's New Vehicle

Earlier this year we launched our Haritayana ('Green Vehicle') fund to gather donations for the purchase of a new plug-in hybrid SUV for Birken Forest Monastery.

The car we were planning to buy has been delayed until summer 2017 so we made the decision to shift our resources towards the purchase of a new gas-powered Toyota RAV4. It is not the car we were hoping for, but it is twice as efficient in fuel economy as our former van. We plan to use Tiyana, our third vehicle, for the next 4-5 years at which time we hope to purchase an all electric vehicle.