Sister Mon on Retreat

This month Sister Mon began an extended silent retreat. She will remain at Birken during Vassa and then head off to Vancouver Island from early November to early February. She will return to Birken in February to finish out her retreat.

If you visit the monastery while she is in silence, please respect her inward journey and avoid eye contact and conversation with her.

To Sister Mon, Anumodana! We rejoice in the generosity of your practice and good merit.

And to you, all our kind supporters, this message from Sister Mon:

"For me this retreat will be the best way of paying my respect and deep gratitude to the Buddha, the Dhamma , the Sangha and all Ajahns.

I would also like to offer and dedicate all the goodness and merit that arises from my meditation / the practice to you, everybody and all beings. 

May all beings be well, happy and peaceful! 

Anumodana ...Thank you very much for your kind support."