Sāmaṇera Nandaka's Ordination

On the auspicious day of August 20, 2016 (2559), Birken Forest Monastery’s resident community, along with many upāsikās and friends, was witness to a very special sāmaṇera (novice monk) ordination ceremony.  Ajahn Sona ordained Espen Østrem Nesse (former upāsaka and long-term steward) as Sāmaṇera Nandaka.

It is said that, at the time of the Buddha, a householder named Nandaka was inspired by a monk named Sona to enter the robes and thereafter attained arahantship. Sāmaṇera Nandaka will be trained as a novice monk under Ajahn Sona’s tutelage at Birken during the coming year and will then move to another monastery to pursue his higher bhikkhu ordination and training.  We wish Sāmaṇera Nandaka the very highest blessings as he embarks on this auspicious new life in the robes!