An Update on Sister Mon's Permanent Residency - We Need Your Help Before April 20


We need your help to support Sister Mon's Permanent Residence Application - Deadline is April 20th
Since our last update in August 2017, we have been in touch with many supporters and a number of local politicians to garner support for Sister Mon's Permanent Residence (PR) application. We have also retained a new immigration attorney who is advising us to pursue the Humanitarian and Compassionate Considerations (HCC) route for Sister Mon's PR application.(Click here for a full update of both recent good news and new challenges.)
Now, we need your grassroots support! Please contact your local political leaders and ask them to write letters of support for Sister Mon’s PR application. Links to MLAs and MPs by region is included at Sister Mon's Petition Update webpage for your convenience. Also included on that webpage is an outline of “talking points” that may be helpful for you in guiding communications with your political leaders. The most important thing is to call. Your action could make an enormous difference to the process! Together we are a strong community.


In Sister Mon's HCC application, we would like to include as many letters as possible from government officials and Birken supporters (that means you!). Please forward copies of your personal letters of support as well as the signed letters you receive from your MLAs and MPs to us at: by no later than April 20, 2018.

Also, please sign this petition if you haven't already, share the link with your social networks, and forward this email  to your family  and friends asking them to also call or write to their local politicians and sign the online petition.

Again, to each and every one of you who has signed this petition, left comments or contacted your local leaders: Anumodana! Thank you very much! Remember that change begins in our hearts and minds.