Nearing Our Goal: Haritayana (Green Vehicle) Fund

Thank you to everyone who has contributed thus far to our Haritayana (Green Vehicle) Fund - Anumodana!

For those of you who don't know, our able and upright Toyota van, that has served Birken so faithfully these many years, is aging (as are we all) and needing more and more repairs. Ajahn Sona has decided our next vehicle will be a plug-in hybrid, fitting Birken's commitment to green monasticism in all its forms.

We would like to purchase a new SUV later this year. To aid in that effort, we have established the Birken Haritayana (Green Vehicle) fund. As of this date we have raised close to $31,000, well within reach of our goal of $35,000. If you would like to contribute, please indicate "Haritayana Fund" or "Green Vehicle Fund" on your donation. To find out more about how to make a donation to the monastery, visit our Monetary Donations page:

Anumodana! We rejoice in your good merit and generosity!