Birken Upāsikā Secluded Study Program Completion Survey #2: April - June, 2024

To be considered for our Birken Graduate Upāsikā program with access to their website and discussion groups, you must submit this and all upcoming surveys by no later than December 15, 2024. Thank you for your dedication and commitment to both the Birken Upāsikā Secluded Study Program and to the Dhamma. Anumodana! May you all be well, safe, happy, and peaceful.

Questions - April through June Assignments

From the dropdown menus below, please select the correct answer to each question.

Completion of all assignments mean to actively engage with all of the online monthly assignments (video Dhamma talks, recorded chants, assigned readings, etc.) Only those Upāsikās who have successfully completed this commitment and all quarterly surveys for the entire year will be invited to join the Graduate Upāsikās and have access to their webpage and groups.