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Guest / Steward Guidelines

Before you put out time and energy to apply with us, we would like to share with you some things that you may not expect about what it is like to live and work at Birken. Please ask for this information before filling in this form.

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The Birken Guest Guide can be found here.

Stewards are expected to abide by the Eight Precepts during their stay at the monastery. In exceptional cases (e.g. if you have hypoglycemia or diabetes), you may request an exception from the Eight Precepts to have a light evening snack. These exceptions must be approved by the Abbot prior to your arrival.

Duties Agreement: Birken is a working monastery, off-grid and far from services. Unexpected challenges arise fairly often. There are also times when we are short-staffed: someone is ill or leaves unexpectedly. As a result, we expect stewards to be willing to go above and beyond, to be flexible and to step in and take care of necessary duties - even if it requires more than your normal assignment. You can expect that some days will be quite full.

We recommend that international stewards purchase travel medical insurance and that out of province Canadian stewards understand how their provincial health coverage works.

Personal Information

Mailing Address

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Commitment & Community

3-month minimum commitment. Upon arrival, all stewards undertake a 2 week trial period, to determine that stewardship is a good fit for us and you. Stewardships can be extended with approval from the Abbot.

Accepted formats: .pdf, .docx, .jpeg (pdf preferred)

Physical & Mental Health

Please tell us about any physical situations that might affect your participation in the monastery schedule, activities, guidelines, adherence to the Eight Precepts, etc.

Emergency Contact

Name, phone number, and/or e-mail address of an emergency contact.

If you have any additional information that you would like us to know, please list it here.


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